Our online, self-guided job search method created to provide complete, structured help for job seekers

Are you covering all of your job search bases? Are your job search tools in order? Are you spending the right amount of time on the right things to find your dream job ASAP? With Project Job Search, Kelleher takes you methodically through all aspects of the job search process to make sure the answer to these questions is always “yes.”

Project Job Search covers everything you’ll need to stand out in today’s competitive job search environment. These ten video classes plus supporting guides and tools are modular and can be undertaken in any order. Once you’ve established a firm foundation with the guidance of Project Job Search, you may elect to take your search to the next level by working with a Kelleher coach for one-on-one transition help.


Get all your job search tools in order—complete and ready to go.


Make sure your online presence is helping your job search efforts and not holding you back in any way.


Establish an effective, proactive daily routine. If only 5% of your job search time should be spent on job boards, how will you fill your days? Project Job Search helps you make a plan you can stick to.


Learn how to apply for jobs in a way that puts your résumé at the top of the stack, plus how to uncover so-called “hidden” jobs.


Interview with confidence and then follow up in a way that maximizes your chances of continuing in the interview process.


Negotiate a comp package that works for everyone, so no one feels taken advantage of. And once you’ve got the job, we’ll show you how to go the distance and survive the tricky onboarding period.

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