The corporate landscape has changed. In the past, executives were able to obtain knowledge and support from their supervisor. Today, they must often look outside their organization for direction because senior executives frequently lack the time and/or skills to mentor subordinates. In these cases, Kelleher Associates provides the guidance and support needed by offering customized executive coaching for individuals and corporate-sponsored senior management.

With in-depth HR and business management backgrounds, Kelleher Associates’ principals have the experience to show clients how to develop answers to the major questions and concerns of today’s executives. Through personalized consultations, discussions, and hands-on training, our consultants help executives acquire and apply indispensable skills. Each executive coaching program is administered by seasoned, senior-level business professionals and is geared specifically towards the individual executive and his or her situation. Kelleher Associates provides the intervention, executive coaching and mentoring needed for each executive, seasoned or new.

Identify Opportunity Areas

Whether you are looking to effectively transition into a new role, learn new skills, strengthen critical abilities and/or minimize weaknesses, we’ll show you how to do these things while taking ownership of initiatives, increasing your productivity, shaping culture & business strategy, and more.

Extensive Dialog With Client and Management Sponsor

Your Kelleher Coach will guide an exploration of your background and perceptions to identify coaching opportunities.

Use of Assessment Tools

Using both client-oriented and 360 degree assessment tools, Kelleher does the research needed to determine the best course of action.

Analysis of Feedback from Assessment Tools

Once the information is gathered, Kelleher delivers analysis of findings in six key areas, including self-awareness, client commitment, and “A Team” attributes.

Create a Developmental Plan

From assessment and expert analysis we create a bespoke developmental plan. Goals, process management, behavior change, skill enhancement, monitoring and managerial influence are all addressed.

Senior Level Coaching Process

Kelleher understands that at the executive level, time is at a premium so coaching must be direct, focused, and convenient. Post-engagement, we follow up to determine if the plan is working as it should and make adjustments if necessary.

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