Kelleher Associates Celebrates 20th Year Anniversary
Two decades of dedication to innovation, growth and steadfast client service lead to special milestone

October 17, 2018 8:00 AM Eastern Time

WAYNE, PA–(BUSINESS WIRE) Kelleher Associates, an AchieveNEXT Company, has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 20 years of delivering innovative Executive Coaching and Career Management Services to its clients around the region and the globe. Through Kelleher’s nationally recognized executive services, client solutions are specifically tailored to enhance the unique strengths, personal qualities, leadership characteristics and special talents that differentiate one executive from the next.  

@KelleherAssocs Celebrates 20 years of delivering specialized Executive Coaching & Career Management Services to clients from around the region and globe

Twenty years ago, Kelleher Associates recognized the need to provide executives and high potential talent with the tools to drive individual and enterprise success for the long term. This was the company’s motivation and founding spirit from its inception in 1998 and it remains the same today:  to deliver innovative service and solutions that enhance the unique strengths, personal qualities, leadership characteristics and special talents that differentiate each individual executive. Kelleher has consistently achieved these goals through its ongoing commitment to excellence in meeting clients where they are.

The company is now led by a team of experienced industry executives with support from AchieveNEXT, and has maintained its privately-held ownership throughout its history. This has allowed Kelleher to control key strategic and business decisions that have ensured a consistent focus on meeting the specific business needs of its diverse client base.

The company’s suite of service offerings has expanded over the last two decades in response to clients’ evolving business expectations and ever-changing industry and market demands. Today, clients from across the globe have utilized Kelleher’s services to seize opportunities and to address issues across nearly all areas of executive and high performing talent operations.

Mitch Wienick, Kelleher’s President, reflected on the company’s 20th anniversary by saying, “These have been among the most satisfying years of my career. We started out with a philosophy of listening to the marketplace, addressing a critical need and providing highly attentive client service. Our founding beliefs remain in place today and I believe because of that, Kelleher remains viable, strong and growing. From day one, Kelleher has carefully balanced hands-on client support with conservative management principles. A big thank you to hundreds of valued clients, customers and strategic partners, and especially to those who had faith in the Kelleher way from the very beginning.”

Nick Araco, CEO of Kelleher’s parent company, AchieveNEXT, added, “No one could have predicted the dramatic events that have taken place in the world over the past 20 years. At Kelleher, we’ve seen it all and it’s been an incredible journey for us to take as a business, alongside our clients and partners. We’ve weathered troubling market cycles, unimaginable technological influences, and volumes of industry and market change. Thanks to our leadership team and devoted employees, we’ve been able to grow and thrive. I’m proud to report that our business is solid, and we are looking forward to the next 20 years. Kelleher remains motivated:  we still want to know what’s next in Executive Coaching and Career Services, and with our experience, we will take our clients there.”

About Kelleher

KELLEHER was founded to make things happen… to provide outstanding career management strategies and counseling, and professional assessment, to senior executives in transition. Kelleher also provides executive coaching and leadership development for corporate executives seeking to optimize their skills to further advance their careers within their current organization.

Kelleher’s nationally recognized executive services are specifically tailored to enhance the unique strengths, personal qualities, leadership characteristics and special talents that differentiate one executive from the next.  Together—client and consultant—Kelleher reinforces self-worth, self-confidence, and the skills needed to identify and secure—internally or externally—a successful career that is truly meaningful and satisfying.

As an AchieveNEXT Company, Kelleher is committed to helping senior executives successfully manage their careers and improve their leadership capabilities. Regardless of whether they are in transition or seeking to improve their performance within their current organization, Kelleher has the expertise and experience to significantly enhance their career paths.  For clients in transition, Kelleher’s strength is unparalleled as is their high touch assistance and guidance in identifying career objectives and maximizing opportunities. For more information, visit

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