From Our Coaches | April 9 – April 13

Executive Training

May Van


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April 10, 2018

A client and I discussed the importance of organizational development the other day. It is particularly important to mid market organizations since all employees need to perform at full capacity.

It is my belief the first step to a well developed organization is to have everyone speak the same business language of the organization. This means, regardless of the functions they work in, employees should know the business strategy, the market drivers, the competition and the customers’ needs. They need to know enough about the business of the organization to make sure their functional duties are well aligned to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

It is always easier to navigate a ship when the crew knows where they are going and how they will go there.

Mitch Wienick


Mitch Wienick LinkedIn

April 11, 2018

Career Networking at Industry Conferences:
As informed people in transition know, one of the key factors contributing to securing a new position is developing a strategic networking plan to uncover opportunities, gain access to key influencers, and acquire business information. One proven way to accelerate the process is for job seekers to attend conferences for industries that are of interest to them. The benefits of doing so include meeting key industry thought leaders, learning about new products and services, uncovering potential job openings, and understanding the key issues, challenges, and opportunities the industry is facing. Moreover, most conference organizers list attendees in advance of the event allowing adroit networkers to make private meeting arrangements with desirable contacts. Hence, people looking for their next position would be well served to make conference attendance a key pillar of their job search efforts.